Scientology and Flint, MI

Morality and the city council have a meeting of the minds upcoming. It appears that in Flint Michigan there is a desire to have a “nonreligious moral code” promoted for the community. What is that moral code? Scientology. Certainly, the pagan ideology has a moral code, but its moral base is what? Well, it is pagan, isn’t it? And, don’t we already know that pagan moral codes have worked tremendously through the years? Just look around and see how effective they have been.

The sarcasm notwithstanding, in the story, the implementation of the moral principles will be helpful to the community, any and all communities. But the foundation of the principle has at its base the thinking of man, and the very nature of man’s thinking is fleeting and evolving. What if someone did not want to obey? Will there be an arrest? Will there be an educational moment wherein some educator speaks about a transcendent, objective reason for why obedience is of greater value than not?

Of course not.

The reason for a moral code is obvious to a thinking person, but a moral code that has its origin in societal evolving man is a moral code that is resting on a piece of drift wood. It comes and goes with the tide (or waves).

The ONLY moral code for man that is transcendent and objective is that which has its origin in the righteous and holy God. We may all struggle with putting it into perfect practice, but at least we know it will net be floating like a piece of wood drifting on the water.

#morality, #scientology