Seek knowledge

by Mike Glenn

Good morning everyone. I pray that you are determined to “be in the know”. The memory verse for this week is Ps. 119:105, a verse so familiar, you probably already have it memorized. Our Joshua Generation text today is found in Prov. 15:14. It contains one simple truth I want to comment on this morning. “The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge, but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.

Brothers and sisters, seek knowledge. The operative word is “seek”. All of us will gain some biblical knowledge simply by listening to our teachers and preachers in the worship. That is certainly an important method of gaining knowledge. But it is only a very small part of the process of actively seeking. 1 Pet. 2:2 tells us, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word…”

Think of how a small baby reacts to feeding stimulus. The newborns seem to be always hungry. If you put a finger in its mouth, it starts sucking. If you hold it to your chest, it will start looking for the breast with its mouth. If it goes from more than two to four hours without food, it starts clamoring to be fed.

When we desire, like that, more opportunity to know the word of God, we will go looking for it. We will keep a Bible with us for our spare time if we typically have some. We will constantly be going to the word with a question or for explanation of some thought that has come to our head. We will not only hear sermons and classes, when we get home, we will look up particular points that grabbed our attention. God’s word will be to our mind like food is to our body.

We will “hunger and thirst” (Mt. 5:6) after it. We will read articles, perhaps subscribe to periodicals, get tapes or cd’s with sermons, talk to the knowledgeable for answers and read the Word often for both short periods and long periods. We will talk about things we learned with family and friends, especially others who love the word.

The point of all of this is that “seeking” is active attempt to find (Acts 17:11). When we want something that is lost, we will “turn the house upside down looking for it” (cf. Lk. 15:8). I am convinced that most of us need to spend far more time in the Word. Why not make a plan to do that today? Show your children your love of the truth and how important it is to study. Your soul, and theirs, depend on it.