Self-control: Christ’s prayer in the garden

Good morning to all. Our new memory verse this week is 1 Cor. 9:25. Our slogan is, “Self control is my goal.” Our study today is the prayers of Jesus in the garden just before his death. Our text is Matt. 26:36-44. Please read the entire text and consider a couple of points from it.

  • Jesus is our perfect example. He is God, yes. But he was fully human. He dreaded the ordeal that was coming. You and I cannot even imagine how much. Three times he prayed the same prayer. “Let this cup pass from me.” No doubt there are things we can see happening or about to happen in our life that we greatly desire to stop. It is right to pray about them.
  • It is here in this event that the greatest self-control of our Savior shows. He literally agonized over what was coming (Lk. 22:44). Yet, he wanted the Father’s will to be done. He could have said, “Father, just this time, let my will be done.” Or, he might have said to the most powerful force in the universe “I know you can find another way, just do it.” These might be the kind of things we would say. But even in his agony, he truly wanted the Father’s will to be done. He knew that God knows all things. He knew that God sees the entire big picture of the world. He knew that God only does what is best. And, he knew that whatever God did was best for him and best for the kingdom.
  • Our own self-control should be as strong. In every part of your life, do you truly want what God wants? Is your self-control such that you will say, “Thy will be done,” in regard to your job, your family, your health, your work for the Lord. Are you willing to wait on the Lord (Is. 40:31). At least one way we do that is by following God’s revealed will for our lives. Let’s all practice such self-control of mind and action.

–Mike Glenn