Send them away

While preparing for Sunday evening’s lesson, a study of Mark 6, something I read moved me to sadness.

The apostles, who had just returned from preaching a message of repentance and helping the sick and demon-possessed, said something. While I know there is much more here, I was drawn to this something they said as the day grew late.

“Send them away,” they said of the crowd who had sought out Jesus (Mark 6:36). Perhaps in the weakness of fatigue and hunger themselves, they forgot what their work was all about.

It breaks my heart to think there are brethren, who for weakness or lack of vision, say this same kind of thing to those who are teaching the gospel, and thereby say this to those who are lost. How can we send them away? They wanted to be with the Master!

We can’t send them away. We must feed them.

Jesus couldn’t send them away. We mustn’t either.

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