Sensitivity and Weakness

Are you sensitive? I have often looked at people who I thought to be overly sensitive to be weak. They were weak, I thought, because their sensitivity was worn on the shirt-sleeve and one would no more turn around than to see that the sensitive one was offended and had their feelings hurt – over silly and trite things no less! Around people like this, people like me must walk on eggs, in order not to crack the thin shell.

A sister said to me some years ago that in order to offend her she needed to be hit with a two-by-four. That is my sentiment exactly! I am not sensitive and, perhaps, my lack of sensitivity is to my peril. My wife says often enough to me that I need to be more sensitive than I am. She is probably correct.

The fact is, though, I am not. As I get older I notice that more and more my sensitivity sensors (if you will) are starting to get a little more active. Frankly, I don’t like that much. Nevertheless, it comes and I need to “grow-up” and allow the sensors to take root.

The Proverbs writer said, “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small” (24:10). I really like this verse because it gets to heart of what I am saying. However, is that true? Is it true that sensitive people are weak because it is perceived they faint? There is no necessary relation between a sensitive person and weakness. Perhaps it could be said there is more a relation between a non-sensitive person and faintness!

Weakness of faith has everything to do with lack of knowledge. The Holy Spirit, in 2 Peter 1:5-11, makes clear where the problem actually resides; when we fail to add the virtues mentioned in that passage to our lives – when adversity comes, and it surely will come, then our weakness will be exposed, and we will faint! RT

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