Sep. 12. Blessings in Christ Far Outweigh Earthly Sufferings

Rom. 8:18-39

As Paul continued his letter to the Roman Christians, he further explained the blessings of living the Christian life. Even though they suffered extremely, this was insignificant. He stated that the glory of eternal life far exceeds the price paid by their temporary persecutions.

Man in his mortal state is unable to express all of his needs and desires to God in words. In addition to guiding Christians through the inspired Word of God, the Holy Spirit also takes these thoughts and intercedes to God for the saints according to the will of God.

All who hear the gospel are called by God to be obedient to it. According to Paul, it was predestined or foreknown that only those who were obedient would be justified and glorified.

Paul also stated, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Those “called according to His purpose” obviously are those who are obedient. It is difficult for man to understand how God can turn “all things” (pain, affliction, poverty, imprisonment, hunger, death or any other unpleasant thing) to any good result. God’s ways are not man’s ways; neither are His thoughts man’s thoughts.

Paul reasoned with the Romans that since God had given His Son for them, He would protect them and give them all the things necessary for their salvation. Even human wisdom can understand that after God and Christ have sacrificed so much for the salvation of man, eternal harm will not come to the one who continues in his obedience. A person walking with God is a majority against those who would do harm to him in this life or in the life to follow. Man may take the physical life of a Christian, but nothing but his own failure to faithfully continue serving God can harm his spiritual life.