Sep. 14. Eagles and Vines

Ezek. 17:1-24

The Lord, through the prophet, Jeremiah had urged Jehoiakim several years earlier to surrender to the Babylonians to prevent the destruction that would come otherwise. He brought another message in the form of a parabolic riddle to Ezekiel. Two eagles were presented. The first eagle was Babylon who would take a young twig, eighteen-year-old Jehoiachin along with the younger and stronger men captive. Zedekiah and the weaker men would be left as seed and be planted. They would grow as a low vine instead of a tall tree. They would make up a weaker nation under the dominion of Nebuchadnezzar.

Zedekiah in rebellion would break his oath to Babylon and begin to bend his branches toward the second eagle, Egypt. Ezekiel’s message to Judah from God was that the vine, Zedekiah would not thrive under Egypt’s assistance. It would wither from the effects of the east wind, Babylon. Judah’s King Zedekiah would die in the land of Babylon.

However, God assured the prophet that in time, He would take another branch from a tall cedar and set it out. It would grow and prosper on a high mountain and bring forth fruit and shade for all—another prophecy of the saving power of the future kingdom, the church.