Sep. 18. Nebuchadnezzar’s “Coin Toss”; Symbol of Boiling Pot

Ezek. 21:18-32; 24:1-27

The Lord described the path that Nebuchadnezzar would take to battle Jerusalem. At some point the Ammonites had become a problem to the Babylonian king. Nearing Jerusalem, there would be a fork in the road—the right one leading to Jerusalem and the left to Ammon. As one today might toss a coin in order to make a choice, Nebuchadnezzar shook arrows, consulted with his gods and observed the livers of sacrificed animals in order to make his decision. God had willed that both nations would be taken.

Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Jerusalem was described as a boiling pot of cooking meat. That cooking flesh represented the inhabitants. All would be consumed in the misery of the city’s destruction.

It was against God’s will that any of the exiled people already present in Babylon would weep and mourn for their destroyed homeland. The sudden death of Ezekiel’s wife was reason for him to go into shock and mourning. The Lord commanded that he completely refrain from any display of grief. Sorrow that deep is difficult to conceal. When confronted by the people, he stated that with Jerusalem’s destruction, there would be the loss of many things dear to them, including sons and daughters. Those actions were from the Lord and they were to remain silent regarding their grief.