Sep. 21. Various Psalms Lamenting Separation from God

Ps. 42:1-43:5

The psalmist asked himself some very personal questions regarding his soul in a time of deep distress. His sorrow caused him to forget food and to question the presence of God. In his seeming absence from God, he felt an intense feeling of spiritual thirst. He remembered his former relationship with God and wondered why he had allowed himself to become separated from Him. Even his enemies had asked, “Where is your God?” The resolution to all of one’s doubts should be, “Hope in God…The help of my countenance and my God.”

This psalm appears to be a continuation of the supplication of the previous poem. As one looks to an attorney to plead his case before the judge, the psalmist looked to God for relief from his enemy. God is the source of strength, light and truth. If one will allow those to lead him, the soul that has been cast down can be lifted back to its previous heights.