Sep. 28. God, the Righteous Judge

Is. 65:1-25

The prophet painted a picture of events surrounding the early church. There were the Jews who seemingly were calling for God, but were not calling for His Son, Christ. On the other hand, with the Jews rejecting Christ, the Gentiles were invited into His fold.

He pointed out various heathen practices of idol worship that were highly displeasing to God. However, there was always a remnant who would remain dedicated to the Lord and they would escape the punishment that He would mete out to the disobedient. Notice that those who were punished did not hear or answer His call. Obedience is one’s response to hearing.

The righteous were promised eternal blessings in a new heaven and new earth. There would be no more weeping. They would be able to live in the houses that they had built and eat the fruits of their labors. There would be peace and tranquility. Those were figures of speech that could be easily understood to represent a glorious future of the blessings of salvation.