Sep. 28. Where Is God’s Covenant?

Ps. 89:1-52

There is a striking resemblance between the sentiments of this psalm and the distress that was being suffered by the people after the fall of Jerusalem. God had made a covenant with David that his house would reign forever. With the end of kings from David’s lineage, it seemed that covenant had been broken.

The psalmist began by writing a song of praise to God for His mighty majesty, power, righteousness and faithfulness. He continued by reminding the Lord that He had anointed David with His holy oil. Referring to the fall of Jerusalem, the psalm began to conclude by stating, “You have renounced the covenant of Your servant…You have covered him with shame.” It was the end of David’s lineage on earth. However, there would be a King on David’s throne in the future that WOULD reign forever on a spiritual throne.