Sep. 30. Israel to be Renewed

Ezek. 36:1-38

God spoke to Ezekiel again regarding the return of His children to their homeland, Israel. The conquering nations, especially the Edomites had mocked, slandered and plundered His people and their land. As Israel and Judah had fallen, God’s name had also been mocked and profaned by those surrounding nations. It had seemed that He was unable to deliver His people from their enemies.

The Lord is a jealous God. The punishment of those nations and the return of His people would be necessary to elevate His holy name once again, so that they would, “know that I am the Lord.” Israel’s captivity would soon end and they would return and rebuild their land and its cities. The land would be fruitful again—not because they deserved it, but because of His mercy.

God’s affirmation that He would renew His people to their land and bless them was also significant as He had previously foretold of the coming kingdom, the church and a new covenant with it.