Sep. 8. Ezekiel Prophesies Against Egypt

Ezek. 29:1-16; 30:1-31:18

The dominant message that God was sending to the various nations through Ezekiel and the other prophets was, “They shall know that I am the Lord God.”

Egypt had been a dominant nation throughout many centuries. They had refused to recognize the true and living God, but had worshipped false gods. They had worshipped the rivers, but God reminded them that He had created the rivers and that they belonged to Him.

The Lord is a jealous God. At that time, Egypt was interfering with His plan to punish Judah. As Jerusalem had been under siege for a period of time, Hophra, the Egyptian Pharaoh attempted to go to Zedekiah’s aid. The Lord, through Ezekiel informed him that he would be to Judah as weak as a reed that would break when leaned upon. Even Egypt would become desolate for a forty-year period. Their people would become captives and would be scattered among many nations during those forty years. Egypt would be delivered to Babylon by the Lord as wages for punishing Judah.

Ezekiel continued to receive descriptions of Egypt’s impending destruction from the Lord. Their destruction would be wide-spread throughout the country just as Judah would be completely wiped out. Pharaoh was described as having a broken arm and his other arm would also be broken. Egypt would not have the strength to fight against the mighty Babylonian army. They would fall and be scattered among other nations. Other neighboring nations would also fall along with Egypt.

The Lord provided Ezekiel an illustration of the strength of Egypt. He began by describing the nation, Assyria as a tall cedar tree in Lebanon. It had been abundantly watered and was the envy of all of the other trees, even those in the garden of Eden. BUT, it was cut down and destroyed. Likewise, Pharaoh was a tree, but did not match the tree of Assyria in strength. As the majestic tree of Assyria could not withstand the hand of God. Egypt would also be cut down and destroyed.