Sep. 9. One Must Die to Sin to Avoid Dying in Sin

Rom. 6:1-23

In view of the fact that grace is more abundant to those who have the greater sin, some had reasoned that if they kept on sinning, they would receive a greater measure of grace. Paul pointed out that was contrary to the concept of obedience and forgiveness.

As one repents of his sins when becoming a Christian, his old sinful man dies to sin. This dead man of sin is symbolically buried in baptism just as Christ was buried. He then symbolically rises to walk a new spiritual life just as Christ rose to walk a new spiritual life. Even though a Christian may occasionally stumble and sin, if he has died to sin, he has stopped willingly living in sin or for sin.

Notice again that baptism is a burial—not sprinkling or pouring a little water on someone; just as a dead body is covered—not merely having been sprinkled with a little soil.

When a person becomes a Christian, he still has the same fleshly appetites and urges that he had before obeying the gospel. Paul urged the Romans to abstain from the lusts of their bodies. They were to use their bodies for righteousness to God instead of unrighteousness to sin.

The Law of Moses did not free man from sin. Grace however provides a way through obedience of the gospel to escape from sin and its rule.

Paul likened one’s obedience to crucifixion with Christ on the cross. Just as Christ was freed from the pain and suffering of this world, man is freed from his slavery to sin. He then becomes a slave to God.

The Romans knew well the relationship of slaves to masters and how that relationship changed when a slave was sold to another master. When a person becomes a Christian it is like he has been sold from slavery to sin to a new master—God. Paul was thankful that the Romans having been slaves to sin were then slaves to God. He reminded them of their responsibility to obey their new Master.

There is a vast difference in the wages from serving as a slave to sin and serving the Master, God. “For the wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”