She gave the best she had to give

We visited our daughter and her family in Houston several years ago. Sierra, our granddaughter, was just a little girl. She had given up her bedroom for us to sleep in while there and she moved to a pallet in her sister’s room. When the time came for us to leave we decided to pay Sierra for the use of her room. We were packed and almost ready to go. My Bible was laying on the bed. We called Sierra into the bedroom, thanked her for allowing us to sleep in her room, and told her we wanted to give her some money to express our appreciation for her kindness. She looked at the bills we gave her and hurriedly dashed from the room with her blonde curls bouncing. Soon she came rushing back to our room and slapped something down firmly on my Bible. It was two stickers. She gave us the best she had to give and she gave it freely and gladly. Those two stickers remain on my Bible today. Every time I see them I remember the little girl that gave the best she had to give. Oh, but that we could give so freely of that in which God has richly blessed us.