She was invited and she came.

How much is an invitation worth?  How much are many invitations worth?  Do we invite others to come to worship and they don’t come, so we stop inviting them?  So often that is true.

Let me tell you about one of our members, Wanda Hensley.  Wanda invited a friend from the Senior Center to “come to church with us,” as she puts it.  She had invited, and invited, Sue to come over and over.  Well, yesterday Sue came.  I spotted the new visitor as I made my way out of the auditorium and asked one of our members who she was. “Oh, she’s a former preacher’s daughter from here.”  Immediately I pushed mother, who was in her wheelchair, to the side and headed for this new visitor.  We had a nice conversation and I brought another member in to meet her. They knew each other from long ago and were so excited to see each other again. And then Wanda walked up and whispered in my ear, “Glenda, Sue works at the Center and I see her every day. She does such a good job.  I’ve been inviting her to come to church with us.”  I commended Wanda on her good work and turned to tell Sue about other classes we have that she would enjoy attending. She said, “I’ll be back tonight.”  “It starts at 5:30,” I said.  I told her I would tell Doug about her and found out where she lives in town.

At some point yesterday Sue told Wanda, “Wanda, I came because you kept inviting me. I should have done this long ago.”  How much are invitations worth?  Read on. 

Last night Sue was back just like she said she would be.  Doug was back in the pulpit and during the invitation, guess what happened.  Sue came down the aisle and confessed her unfaithfulness to the Lord, dedicating her life to Him. 

I thought that was a truth worth telling. Use it!  Oh, how much are invitations worth?  Priceless!!!!