She wasn’t friendly

I wish mama had told me that everybody is not going to like me. I wish she had said everybody is not going to talk to me. I wish she had told me that everyone wouldn’t be kind to me. Somehow she missed telling me, and though I certainly am not blaming her, I had a rude awakening one day this past week.

We had taken some extra printers to donate at a thrift store for my cousin. I was standing outside the back door on the dirt ground waiting for Doug to finish signing papers and finishing the deal. This nice looking young blonde haired lady drove up and came and stood by me. She had a tiny bowl with what looked like a bank bag in her hand. She waited. I thought she might be an employee. I motioned to the door with my arm and hand and said, “Would you like to go inside?” She stepped forward, looked inside, and said, “No, I wouldn’t.” Okay. Nothing was being said so soon I looked up at the clouds and said, “That cloud looks as if it might be a rain cloud.” Nothing!!! Okay. She shifted from one foot to the other and I felt uncomfortable. Finally, when I realized Doug and the man were almost finished, I leaned forward toward him (their backs were sideways to us) and said, “Sir, there is a nice young lady waiting out here to speak with you.” “Oh, okay,” he said and turned to take her things. She turned and walked away leaving a bad impression on me. I watched to see what she was driving. A Mercedes. A white Mercedes. A white Mercedes sports coupe. I watched as she drove away and wondered what was going on in her life to make her shun me the way she did. It was hard to get it off my mind as we came home, and somehow I knew I would write about it.

She thought I was not in her league possibly, but she could have shown herself friendly. Jesus talked to the lowly, and I can hear brother Ira North’s strong voice saying loudly, “Condescend to men of low estate.” 

The Bible says if we want to have friends we must show ourselves friendly. And then there is the scripture that says, “Take heed when you think you stand, lest you fall.”

Jesus died on the cross for me. He loved me when I was not even lovable. He died for her even when she was not friendly. I forgive her for being unkind to me.

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