Short-term campaigns and efforts

In high school, I went with the Marmaduke, Ark., church on a campaign to Statesboro, Ga.

When in college I was in constant campaign. In 1976, the then-FHC A Cappella Chorus campaigned in Norfolk, Va., toured the European continent, knocked doors in Aylesbury, England. In 1977, back to Aylesbury, this time with an unofficial singing group made up of college students, then 2 1/2 months in Dunoon, Scotland, where Greg Hamlin and Steve Worley were stationed with the U.S. Navy. In 1978, my first campaign trip to Brazil with four others from FHC and a group from Oklahoma Christian; I stayed three months. Returned in 1979 for 2 1/2 months, going back early to get married. In 1981, Vicki and I, by that time married, came to Brazil as campaign sponsors.

During spring break at college, I remember a campaign to Elkhart, Ind.

Since being here in Brazil, I’ve done a lot of traveling to teach and speak in seminars, if you count that as short-term efforts.

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