Simon the unwilling carrier

Matthew 27 records Jesus’ crucifixion. When I pillowed my head last night, I thought about reading this chapter. I tend to be squeamish about things, horror flicks are not my bag, blood and violence leave me pale. This morning I woke up thinking, “Today Jesus dies,” the reading of his death fresh on my mind. I pray to God that his death may always be fresh upon my heart.

Simon was pressed into carrying our Lord’s cross, because all his followers had deserted him. Where was Peter? Where was James? Where were the others? When one commentator writes that “discipleship motifs are not entirely clear in this scene, especially since Simon is forced into carrying the crossbeam,” he seems to miss the point. Which is, discipleship is totally absent from this scene!

The soldiers “find” Simon, an unwilling carrier. The disciples should have been there to do it.

• I’m always interested when somebody talks about God’s nature and character. So Hugh Fulford’s post for his “News and Views” today especially caught my attention, on “Antimony of Scripture.”

• Yet more evidence that alcohol is bad for health, even in amounts considered moderate, “as few as three drinks a week,” from the Wall Street Journal: “Regularly drinking, even in moderation, raises the long-term risk of many kinds of cancer.”

• Richard M. shared this link about the FCC giving churches and non-profits a hard time about closed captioning. More heavy-handedness on its way?

• My acrostic poem with a Halloween theme didn’t win. My excuse: I got my entry in at mid-month. Maybe next time. November brings another acrostic contest, on love. I’ve already written a sonnet.

• I’d asked prayers for The Missus’s uncle. He had surgery yesterday, surgeon said he escaped death by hours. He removed a mass and repaired a hole in the stomach. We await biopsy results. Thanks for your prayers. He showed signs of interest in the gospel.

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