Simplifying the Process

Most of the Biblical doctrines that people claim are too difficult to understand are actually concepts that they have no problem with in everyday life. Everyone understands only having one right answer when it comes to a secular subject. But when asked to apply this simple fact to the Bible, their brains become scrambled.

Everyone knows why patterns are necessary but when the subject arises in terms of the New Testament, the very idea becomes hopelessly confusing. Being under one covenant at a time is so simple that a small child can understand it. But frame the same concept in a Biblical sense and the greatest minds in the religious world turn to mush.

These truths prove two things: First, the fleshly human mind will rationalize anything that contradicts its desires. Second, Satan’s lies are phenomenally successful.

Let us not allow Satan to cloud our minds and obscure the glories of God’s Word (1 Peter 5:8; James 4:7).

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