Since Jesus is Lord, then. . .

I am not, and you are not. . .and they are not. You know who “they” are, right? “They” are the anonymous authorities. “They” tell us not to drink milk or coffee, eat eggs or beef. Even bread is on their hit list. If only Jesus had been aware of this prohibition!

“They” are also in some churches. These masked authority bandits often steer the direction of the church. Elders and preachers, how many times have we been told we can’t do something because “they” wouldn’t like it?

Just to be clear, “they” are not weaker brothers. Weaker brothers are followers to a fault. “They” are power-hungry controllers. “They” operate behind the scenes. “They” do not like to openly discuss the scriptural appropriateness of a matter. “They” insist on their way or there will be trouble.

Elders, we need to wrest control out of the hands of this group of people. If they want their opinions heard “they” must speak in the open, not whisper their concerns in the ear of one person who promises anonymity.

Unrestrained, these manipulators poison the Body, often bringing it to a standstill. It is not what God intended. Elders, be men of integrity, fulfill your roles, lead the church by following the Lord, not these shadowy usurpers.

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