Site refreshed

I was out of pocket yesterday. But the Fellows don’t need a Daily Nudge to keep posting. Can carry on well without me.

Today, the Wife and I go to Sao Paulo to have lunch with friends in Christ before we pick up the Daughter coming back from Christian camp. So we’ll be out most of the day today as well.

I’ve freshened up the site with a new header picture, Scripture and background color, though the latter still isn’t to my liking. Will tweak it later.

To answer a question Daniel asked me some time ago — and I gave him a bad answer — about where I got the pictures for the headers, I search the web for photos that allow cropping a long slice for a header. No big secret. It’s all in the google.

Lord permitting, I hope to change the site out about every 15 days. But I might rethink that. 🙂

Or maybe you’d prefer we stick with one thing and leave it at that?

#headers, #housekeeping