Sleep Well

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

I will lie down and sleep peacefully, for you, Lord, make me safe and secure. Psalm 4.8

Do you have nights when your mind is in overdrive? It jumps from one item to another, usually, from one problem to another. You toss and turn in your bed, knowing that you need to sleep to face the next day. And it just does not come. Or when sleep comes, it is shallow and fitful?

What do you do with your cares and your worries? Do you stubbornly hang onto them, determined that you will resolve them yourself, while knowing that it is not possible?

Peter wrote in 1 Peter 5.7 that you should cast all you cares on God because he cares for you. Paul wrote for you not to be anxious about anything, Philippians 4.6, but to tell your requests to God, and his peace will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Only the Lord can provide safety and security! Make sure that you abide in him!

Sleep well, my friend.

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