Slippery path

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

But as for me, my feet almost slipped; my feet almost slid out from under me. Psalm 73.2

Have you ever questioned your decision to follow the Lord? When you have looked around and seen those who were arrogant and disrespectful gaining riches through questionable means, have you asked yourself why you continue to try to keep your motives and lifestyle pure?

Asaph wrote Psalm 73. He confessed that his feet almost slipped. Due to envy of those who were proud, he almost fell. He observed their prosperity, the lack of suffering in their lives. They were strong and well fed. They did not have the problems that were so common among men. They adorned themselves with arrogance and violence. They committed wrong acts, mocked and said evil things, and proudly threatened violence. They spoke as if they were gods themselves. They asked the question if God even knew what went on and what they did. Asaph had concluded that he had kept his motives and lifestyle pure in vain. These were the thoughts going through his mind and it troubled him.

Then, he entered God’s temple and understood the destiny of the wicked. God will destroy those who are unfaithful to him. Asaph was ignorant and lacked insight. But, he continued to obey God and be guided by his wise advice. God gave him stability. God’s presence was all that he needed. God was his shelter.

Are your feet almost slipping due to envy of the proud? Do you observe their prosperity and lack of suffering? Remember who God is and allow him to be your shelter in the time of storm. Be guided by his wisdom. Let his presence be all that you need.

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