I noticed the site is slow today, understandably so, with the holiday weekend.

My parents and I went to the Purcell Cemetery, north of Marmaduke, Ark., but inside Clay County, where my grandparents, great-uncle and -aunt and great-grandfather are buried, besides some other kinfolk. I took a few pics of some other headstones, people unrelated, from the 1800s. If your Saturday is slow, check them out here.

My mom measured my grandparents’ tombstone to see about adding a vase or something to hold flowers. The clip that was there disappeared.

Talked to my wife’s brother on skype, talking now to The Wife. Earlier today a cousin and her mother came by. Haven’t seen my aunt in quite a few years. That was a good visit. Other than that, has been a slow day around here as well.

#family, #holidays