Since I'm snowed in, I will …


Not a few folk have been restricted in their movements because of ice or snow. Schools have been cancelled. People have been told not to go to work. Churches have cancelled their meetings or have scheduled a single meeting later in the day, to give the ice and snow a chance to melt.

If you were affected in this way by the weather, how did you consider using your time?

Did you think that, since you were snowed in, you’d spend your time in reading God’s word and praying? Or take the opportunity to accompany a congregation’s worship through the Internet?

Or did you consider other options: entertainment, Facebook, videogames, reading fiction, cleaning house, or catching up with friends?

When our schedules change, the first thought should be how we can use the change for spiritual gain.

  • How can we draw closer to the Lord?
  • How can we find greater strength in Christ?
  • How can we open our lives further to the habitation of the Spirit?
  • How can we serve our neighbor?
  • How can we share the Good News with those outside of Christ?

We cannot be saved without the Word of Christ and prayer. We cannot save others without praying for them and speaking to them the truth of the gospel.

Snowed in? Where do your thoughts go first?

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