So let’s dance in the aisles

by J. Randal Matheny © 2012

We are tired of the hymns, with the limits we’re bored,
So let’s dance in the aisles, as we sup with the Lord,
We will tear up the carpet and throw out the old,
In this city where everything’s big, we are bold.
The young women are swooning, the men good to swing,
Play a tune with a beat, we refuse just to sing.
You’ve not seen it all yet, we’re not done as we change,
We reject what’s familiar, and import the strange.
Swing the doors for the crowds, tweak the church to the max,
In with gospels and grace, down with crosses and Acts.
We’re all brothers in Christ, matters not what your group,
What’s important is staying in a bigger world’s loop.
We’re progressives for Jesus, nothing heavy — we’re hip,
As we travel to heaven, on one big, happy ship.
We’ll be bigger fish swimming in bigger fish ponds,
So we dive for the new, as we cut the old bonds.
We got love overflowing, with sinners we’re cool,
But no patience with fogies—out with rules is the rule!

#christian-poetry, #progressives