So that children will learn

Now the people of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the Lord. (Genesis 13:13 NRSV)

Жители же Содомские были злы и весьма грешны пред Господом. (Бытие 13:13 Russian)

Most holy and righteous God, our kind and merciful Father in Heaven ~ thank you for the dawning of another new day that is ours to enjoy because of your grace that brought forgiveness of sins to this world to every sinner who will trust and obey Jesus as Lord and Christ. Restore a sense of righteousness, justice and mercy among all people on earth. Give parents and grandparents a greater sense of responsibility so that children will learn the clear distinction between right and wrong. Forgive our sins as we forgive others. We pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

David Binkley, Sr. Gospel Minister