So that God can make us faithful to his Word

Someone included this request in an online prayer: “Make us faithful to your Word, that we may bring your life to the waiting world.”

How can God answer this prayer to make us faithful to his Word?

  • When we study the Word daily in order to know God and obey his commands.
  • When we rightly divide the Word and become approved workers in his sight.
  • When we teach the plan of salvation, including faith and obedience, according to the New Testament.
  • When we put away human creeds, traditions, and theologies, in order to remain within the confines of Scripture.
  • When we give up human names and denominations to be God’s united people.
  • When we live according to the model he left us for faith, practice, mission, and life in Christ.
  • When we separate from the world in order to show the glory of Christ in us.
  • When we search for and accept the full truth of the gospel, in order to reject false gospels.
  • When we commit ourselves to sincere and intense love of our family of faith, for which we were purified.

What other points might you add, so that God can make us faithful to his Word and bring his life to the world through us?

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