Sobering: The torch has passed, &c.

In the past months quite a few missionaries, former missionaries and Brazilian Christians have passed away among the first generation of saints in the country. Another entered eternity yesterday. It’s sobering to realize that the torch has passed. The responsibility is great. The pressures grow by the day to abandon the good news they brought. Who will stay the course?

• Rick Kelley, Michael Carter, and I have been posting some poetry lately on the Christian Poets website. Check it out and join up. If you’re interested in writing, let me know below, and I’ll add you to the writing side of the group. It’s as easy as sending an email.

• If you’re not a Twitter fan, you still have several options to get Quick Bible Truths by email, RSS, or on Facebook. The new site is functioning marvelously. Today, a new blurb about the service got aired: “Quick Bible Truths shares the powerful reality of God in short bursts.” A good description, that.

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