Social media bring transparency and accessibility

Transparency and accessibility are two of the great positives of social media. And both can have their downsides. But I just participated in a thread with the owner of a major political website. Paul Ryan an Sarah Palin have yet to show up, though. Should this not spell the end of the autopen, that mechanical, impersonal, secretive tool of government?

• July’s issue of Bulletin Digest came in the mail a few days ago. In a time when information is overwhelming, the editors cull the best from the brotherhood for the brotherhood. Why not get your copy?

• A penguin was discovered on the beach just down from our city. (We’re about an hour and a half away from the ocean.) I knew it was cold, but this is ridiculous! He was lost. Young one. His GPS must have been out of whack.

• Last Sunday, for the first time in weeks, I failed to post my English devotional, translated from the Portuguese original. I did get the latter done, however. It’s been well received, with a good number of comments, thanks to a few faithful. And don’t miss my journey entry from yesterday, titled “Is Facebook in the Bible?” Hint: I found it in Proverbs.

• Speaking of Proverbs, Jon Warnes says many of the future verses to memorize (which Richard H. is posting here and elsewhere) will come from Proverbs. God knows we need wisdom in our day. If you haven’t been memorizing or have fallen away from the faith (of memorization), start with number 51, which is fast arriving, and do the remaining 50 with us.

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