Soliciting Prayers

I ask your prayers for the following things:

1. I ask that you pray for this site, that it will be a great influence on the Web, for those in search of truth.

2. Pray, if you will, for J. Randal Matheny, as he is the United States looking for support for his mission work in Brazil.

3. I am enduring some health challenges and I solicit your prayers, as well.

4. Pray for our nation, as the economy worsens and our foreign policy faces increasingly difficult situations. These are desperate times and we need to be diligent in prayer for good.

5. Pray for our troops and their families.

6. Pray for all Christian writers, who seek to spread God’s truths.

7. Pray for Mike Dyer and Nell Jenkins, both of which have heart problems and Brent Pollard, who is battling cancer.

What else can you offer?

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