Some Can’t — No, Some Won’t Be Pleased

  • Some show anger toward God because he allows the freewill of men and women which results in mankind being able to make evil decisions. If God were to control us like robots and not allow freewill, the anger would still be shown on the basis of never being able to make our own choices!
  • Some show anger toward God and accuse him of disinterest, impotence and a lack of love because of the injustice he allows to happen in this life. When such are told that God will enact his justice in the life to come, the anger then turns to the accusation of unfairness, bullying and a lack of love!
  • Some show anger toward God when evil people are blessed with earthly gain. When God moves to punish the wicked in earthly ways the accusation then turns to God not showing the mercy he said he would!
  • Some show anger toward God because of his standard of righteousness and the burden of sin. Tell them about the righteousness fulfilled and of the burdens lifted at Calvary and the anger is directed towards God’s plan of atoning sacrifice through the innocence of Jesus!

The truth of the matter is that some will not be pleased with God because they do not want to be pleased with God. They are angry with God whether the “quarter lands on heads” or “whether the quarter lands on tails.” They not only disdain the acknowledgement of God – they disdain any acknowledgement of him! Beyond that, not only do they disdain his knowledge, they disdain any knowledge of him! Anger, wrath, self-righteousness, rebellion and idolatry is so bound up in their heart, eyes and ears that no matter what they feel, see or hear it will be what they want to feel, see or hear. When the evils of mankind’s lies, smacks, punches, whips, nails and taunts at the cross cannot be perceived alongside the goodness of God’s redeeming work then no amount of truth, touching, holding back, drying tears, healing wounds or words of encouragement from the throne of God will change a heart that so determines that the fault of evil rests upon the character of God’s heart and not upon the lack of character within the heart of mankind.

Some people refuse to be pleased by God no matter what is done by God.

But what comparison may I make of this generation? It is like children seated in the market-places, crying out to one another, We made music for you and you did not take part in the dance; we gave cries of sorrow and you made no signs of grief. For John came, taking no food or drink, and they say, He has an evil spirit. The Son of man has come feasting, and they say, See, a lover of food and wine, a friend of tax-farmers and sinners! And wisdom is judged to be right by her works.” (Matthew 11:16-19 – BBE)

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