Some numbers on TFR

TFR now has 102 followers in the WordPress system, plus another 88 signed up by email. That’s a considerable number. But add to that the 436 followers on Forthright Press’s twitter account, and over 500 on my personal, since quite a few posts get tweeted on them, when I can get to it. From my personal Twitter account, tweets go to my Facebook profile, which has a potential of over 2,700 readers. (Deduct a couple of hundred from that number, since I have some Brazilian friends who don’t read English.)

The hundreds of page views we get per day—lately averaging between 400-500—don’t reflect all the reading going on. The visitors to the main page can read dozens of posts on the site, since most are posted in full.

That means our Fellows are getting read even more than they think.

Good news, this, all around.


#housekeeping, #site-statistics