Some Random Thoughts

I guess yesterday’s post would’ve made a little more sense, maybe, if the 3rd paragraph wouldn’t have gotten deleted somehow in the post process. I’ve seen weirder things happen.

America sure is starting out the year with a foot placed firmly on a spiritual banana peel. The boy scouts are encouraging and endorsing sexual perversion and confusion in young children by allowing “homosexual children” to join their ranks. So much for the “oath” that says: “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” Also, in case you didn’t hear about it, the President’s wife congratulated Robin Roberts on being a homosexual – because that’s quite an accomplishment! America has even decided to ring in the New Year by having a float in the “Dreams Come True” Rose Parade celebrating homosexual marriages by having two men “get married” during the event. It’s funny how people can confuse a dream with reality – and the reality is, no matter how much people may try to change the definition of marriage, marriage will always be a relationship reserved for one and one woman. That’s why they had to change it to begin with. Playing games with words and laws doesn’t change the truth.

Looking for a New Year’s resolution? Don’t blame you if you’re not, but just in case you are here’s an idea.

One verse that comes to mind, biblically speaking, when I think of New Year’s is: “Let this month be to you the first of months, the first month of the year.” (Exodus 12:2) The context is talking about the institution of the Passover for the children of Israel. Freedom from Egypt made possible by the grace of God through the blood of the lamb – what a sight that would’ve been! Eclipsed only by the freedom from sin made possible by the grace of God through the blood of the lamb (John 1:29) – a sight that still has things to be seen! While others continue to “live it up”, waiting for a new year to roll around to make a difference in our life is pointless – waiting upon the God who can make a difference at any time of the year is where the power is at (Psalm 123; Mark 13:31-37).

I’ll leave you with a saying that you might find useful – “If you chase two rabbits you’re guaranteed to catch none.” I don’t remember where I heard that from, but it makes a lot of sense to a country person.