Some time back I sold the farm and moved to town. I traded ten acres for a subdivision; plowed dirt for concrete and asphalt. A wise man once told me, “Children grow far better in plowed dirt than concrete.” I believe he was on the right track. Big cities have always been the center of sordid behavior and compromised values. Whether Rome of old, Paris of recent or New York of present; I’ll take small town living anytime. The trouble is big city living isn’t staying in the big cities! There was a day when small town folks had time to loiter and lounge. Today they post “no loitering” signs and the only thing you get from a lounge is a hangover and a headache. When is the last time you simply paused to think, meditate and pray. No, we are in too big a hurry; late for this, tardy for that! We may sing “take time to be holy”, but few of us do. This is Just-A-Minute.