Someone Needs to Step Up

At the congregation where I preach, we always gather at the end of winter to rake the leaves around the church building. Today is that day. This year, things are different, however. We have a great group of men but some of them, me included, have had health problems and cannot do as much as we could in the past. Therefore, I told some of the younger men that they needed to step up and do more, as a result.

Isn’t that the way it should be in the Lord’s church? We need to be preparing our younger men to be leaders, so we will have a next generation. Yet, the older men are accustomed to doing everything and they can inadvertently form a clique and exclude the younger men. Accordingly, they are never trained and are unaccustomed to being involved. We must correct this blind spot immediately.

The young men need to step up and the older ones need to allow them in to their circle, so the Lord’s work can continue and thrive.


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