Something I saw that set me off. Tho. Sowell on writing.

Economist Tho. Sowell wrote some years back about writing. I just now stumbled over it.

The manuscript of Basic Economics sat around for about a decade. From time to time, something that I saw in a newspaper or magazine or on television would set me off and I would see an economic principle that it illustrated or a fallacy that needed to be corrected—usually the latter. But, once I had written whatever it took to deal with that particular issue, I felt no compulsion to continue writing Basic Economics.

I identify with this statement. What I read spurs me, inspires me, enrages me. I best write when I have read something that, for good or bad, engages my mind.

His piece isn’t short, but worth your time, if you aspire to write or are interested in the craft or the work of editing and publishing.