Something to pray about – young people and dating

Sometimes we look for something to pray about. Opportunities and needs abound if we could only identify them. A prayer with a purpose is a prayer with real direction. So here’s a topic that meets all three of these areas.

As memory serves, young people can be anxious about the dating scene. Lack of life-experience, peer-pressure and the ever-present drive of hormones can make dating a difficult or tempting situation to face…especially for young Christians. We may have forgotten what those things feel like, but young people are still living it every day.

For a young Christian, finding another person of age that shares the same spiritual beliefs isn’t always easy. To many individuals this situation can feel impossible. This is why it’s important for parents, friends and the church-family to remember young people in their prayers.

Moms and dads with children of dating age probably don’t have to be told about praying for their children when it comes to finding dating-material people, but this is something that all older Christians should keep in mind when it comes to their younger brothers and sisters in Christ. The dating scene has the potential to affect someone the rest of his or her life.

Looking for something a little different to pray about? You just found it.

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