Southern IL Preachers’ Retreat

I used one of my weeks of vacation this past week to punish myself. I tore 2000 sq ft (2 layers thick) of shingles off my roof, cleaned the decking, & put down new drip edge and synthetic felt (which is durable and will allow me to take my time over the next month or so to actually put the new shingles on). 52 hours of hard labor in the heat has taken its toll. I tried to pay my brother to help but he was too busy, so I went solo up top (with a good cleanup crew on the ground–my sons & wife–for whatever didn’t quite make it into the grain truck). There is only one motivation to do a roof job yourself–save money! I will save about $4500 for my labor when I’m done. Jolly good! Of course, the down side–if it ever leaks I’ll know exactly who to blame! 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the next several days. I’ll be attending the retreat in Dahlgren with my friend & new preacher, Richard Reinhardt. Several old friends (i.e., men I’ve been friends with a long time–LOL) will also be there. As the mind gets fed from the book of Daniel, the body should heal (if I don’t play too much shuffleboard that is!).

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