Spain Continues to Destroy the Family

The Ruth Institute reports that Spain has increased the rights of women to have abortions and to be careless in their sexuality.

The story says

“Last week the Senate approved a sweeping new law that, in the name of women’s rights, allows abortion without restrictions up to 14 weeks and gives 16- and 17-year-olds the right to have abortions without parental consent, AP reports. Abortions are also allowed in the first 22 weeks of pregnancy if the fetus has a serious or incurable disease.”

There are many differences between God and man, in this respect. First, God promotes responsibility and purity. Man pushes irresponsibility and promiscuity. Second, God lifts us to become better and brighter. Man pushes us to be more degrading.

So much evil is done in the name of women. Why more aren’t offended is beyond me.

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