Speak, Speak, Then Speak Again

By J. Randal Matheny

Fair topic of talk is today’s weather,
The rain, tornadoes, cold and heat,
And, mostly for men, in sports whether
This team or that will win the meet.

Then comes chat about dramas and series,
Movies, actors, and famous folk,
Jobs, economy, political theories,
Cars and clothes, the inevitable joke.

But talk of hope and life beyond
The grave? The spirit’s deepest need?
Of faith and works, and how to respond
To Jesus Christ with urgent speed?

Where is our talk of these, my friends?
Confessing Christ to all we meet?
Reminding all that what a man spends
Or saves or wears or drives is no feat

Worthy of God’s approving smile?
Speak, speak, then speak again,
That God is true, that sin is vile,
That Christ redeems, the Great Amen,

That time is short, and life unsure,
This world to end in consuming flame;
Speak to all of the only cure
For dying men, in the blessed Name.

This is from around 2014, I believe. I came across it in an old file. Perhaps it will encourage someone.

#poetry #eternity