Speak to save

God saves people when the gospel is taught to them.

Only through speaking the gospel can people be saved. Without speaking, no salvation occurs. A good example is not sufficient. Others must be taught, Ac 11.14; 1Th 2.16. —QBT

Much talk, ironically, is given to how useless words are.

The words of God are powerful to save.

Speaking has been left up to preachers, and many of them, despite protests to the contrary, are happy to have it so. (Note how preachers say they preach for a church, big tip-off.)

The speaking that saves must be done by all God’s people and mostly outside of a pulpit in a building where most of the hearers have heard it all before.

Overcome whatever resistance or inertia you must; learn, somehow, to speak the words that save and then get out there and say them.

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