Speaking a Spiritual Foreign Language

I am preparing to speak at a lectureship this Sunday on the doctrine of the Purgatory. The study has been discouraging because of the levels of false doctrine I am reading. Here is a quote that is simply astounding. It is like they are speaking a foreign language because this is so far removed from what I see in Scripture.

A writer wanted to explain how you can avoid purgatory through indulgences:

“For one recitation of short prayers, He grants 100 or 300 or more days Indulgence. These we may say hundreds of times in the day. Those who say the little prayer: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee” one hundred times a day gain 30,000 days Indulgence. Those who say it 1,000 times, as many do, gain 300,000 days Indulgence each day! These Indulgences can be applied to our own souls, and we shall thus directly make satisfaction for our sins. Or, we may apply them to the souls in Purgatory, who will see to it that we do not lose by our generosity.”

Wow. Where to begin…

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