Speaking Against

In Numbers 11 and 12, the Scripture gives two illustrations of “speaking against.” In Numbers 11, many of the people spoke against the Lord. It seems, from their perspective, the Lord did not provide for them as He promised (Numbers 11:4-9). Moses was very aggravated by the situation and appealed to the Lord of his unworthiness of bearing the load (burden) these people placed on him (Numbers 11:10-15). The Lord addressed the problem in a way that proved “inconvenient” to the people (Numbers 11:31-34). In Numbers 12, members of Moses’ family spoke against him because of who he married. We do not know why they spoke against her only that they did. The result of this was that Moses’ sister was struck with leprosy, and only after Moses and Aaron prayed was she relieved. Here is the point: speaking against the Lord’s servant is a very unprofitable venture for those guilty of it. While there may be sympathetic ears, there is one “ear” not sympathetic at all.

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