A special man for the job

“He did not fail to confess, but confessed freely, ‘I am not the Christ’” John 1:19.

What a unique figure John the Baptizer was in God’s plan to redeem sinful man. Like a herald that would go through the city streets in medieval times proclaiming, “Make way for the king!” John was God’s “voice of one calling in the desert,” prophesied of old.

It is as if God’s Son in the flesh would come onto the scene in such humility and obscurity that God knew we unobservant humans would need someone, along with the heavenly host at His birth, to point out the culmination of His plan since the creation of the world. And we did!

It would take a special man to do that job, though, one who would not steal the spotlight for himself and not shy away from speaking harsh messages. And John didn’t, declaring himself the best man at the wedding and taking on the establishment at the Jordan River while wearing camel’s hair and eating locusts.

In the end, he would lose his head for calling out Herod, but this also removed such a prominent figure that some may have tried to rally around after Jesus’ crucifixion, proving again that we are all clay in the Potter’s hands.

How is God using you in His Kingdom?

Doug Kashorek