Rages on the Spiritual Battle

By J. Randal Matheny © 2016

There are places in our mind where we don’t want to go,
There is evil in the world we’d do better not to know;
From the devil’s deadly sin I would flee to Earth’s far end,
Let me never to temptation of the flesh give in or bend.

With the Spirit in me abiding I successfully can resist,
I have faith that God will help me — powers of evil do exist —
In the company of the faithful, bearing the Holy Spirit’s seal,
In my hand the two-edg’d Word, I’ve guarantees that victory’s real.

Rages on the spiritual battle in the heart and soul and mind,
If you look for wrongs and evil, it is those you’re sure to find;
But in life on earth there’s good, in the kingdom of the saved,
With the cross of Christ, the Savior, is the road to heaven paved.

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