Put on spiritual clothing (Encouragement Note)

BY CHRISTOPHER UNDERWOOD — When the weather gets cold, frequently the weather report reminds people to wear layers to stay warm when outside and to carry emergency kits in vehicles such as blankets, extra coat and water. The local news will show people walking outside without hats, gloves, or heavy coats. The advice may seem frivolous to some who have recently moved from a warm climate and never experienced a winter storm in the Midwest.

With time, most people heed the warning to add warm clothing or quickly find a way to retreat to a land where six inches of snow is not likely to fall as often (Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc.)

Wearing the proper clothing is necessary to remain healthy and reduce the chance of failing health.

Paul wrote to the churches of Christ in the area of Ephesus to put on the whole armor of God at a time when saying you were a Christian could mean loss of property, freedom or life. The times were dangerous for spiritual and physical health for followers of Christ. It was necessary to put on the whole armor to protect the individual body from attack. It is one way to remain healthy in the Lord and reduce or eliminate the chance of failing faith in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Make the decision to wear the proper clothing when the temperature drops below freezing before stepping out into dangerous weather.

Make the decision to put on the spiritual clothing today with prayer to God for the protection of body and soul.

Have a great day.

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