Basketball would probably be my sport–due to hours of participation each year. I don’t watch many games on TV, but I play three times most weeks for an hour a session (pick-up games at the local YMCA–we usually have between 6 to 10 guys at 6 AM). It’s a great cardio workout for me. I’m not one for running for the sake of running anymore, but put a competitive game with it & count me in. I’ve always been good at any sport I try. God has blessed me with great coordination & strength; I can compete in the top 10 – 20% of anything I participate in, but I’m not elite at any sport. Disc golf & bowling come in tied at 2nd. I used to carry a 190 average when I bowled regularly in high school. I’ve participated in about a dozen sports I can think of. Those who like ball golf should give disc golf a try. You might invest $50 or so in initial equipment, but you can play at most courses for free. It’s a great game and growing rapidly ( to find a course near you). Plus, it’s much easier for kids to pick up than ball golf. My older 2 sons are starting to get into it.

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