Where stars are pretty sprinkles

I long for life eternal, far
Above this earthly dust and doom,
Where God and Son and Spirit are,
And outer space is but a room,

Where stars are pretty sprinkles, moons
But globes to hang upon a tree,
Where worlds are served in silver spoons,
As humble Moses talks with me.

Here kings bear golden platters, heaped
With food they never ate below,
To serve the saints who sowed and reaped,
In tears, to make the kingdom grow.

The sea is but a basin, hands
To wash beneath Niagra Falls,
A children’s box, Sahara’s sands,
And Knox’s gold for inner walls.

Earth’s brightest splendors wither, pale
Inside the gates, their powers decline;
Both human craft and creation fail,
When the glories of the Godhead shine.

J. Randal Matheny, 21 April 2013

#christian-poetry, #divine-glory, #eternal-life, #heaven